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Around The Granite Belt

Discover The Granite Belt Maze in Glen Niven

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The Granite Belt Maze

The Granite Belt Maze offers an amazing experience, where each customer has to solve their own unique riddle, while navigating their way through the maze.

These riddles don’t help you find your way, instead they make you search every part of the maze from start to finish, and actually get you lost. Then there’s another maze with a different type of challenge for you to solve and a hexagonal maze with obstacles.

There’s a fairly challenging nine hole mini golf course, and a giant chess set to play on. Around the grounds are some great photo opportunities, with a guillotine, stocks and a giant chair.

They have a well-stocked kiosk with pies, sausage rolls, ice creams and drinks, sandwiches, hot dogs, fish and chips and snack foods.

Their puzzle table is a trap, once you start on them, you’re there for ages, just as well they make coffee. They offer hours of fun and entertainment for all age groups.

The Granite Belt Maze
364 Old Warwick Road
Glen Niven
QLD 4377