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Discover Mt Sterling Olives in Glen Aplin

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Mt Sterling Olives

Mt Stirling Olives which is situated on the 175 acre property in the heart of wine country.  From a base of 3,500 trees which had been planted in 1993, Mt Stirling Olives started. At that time Mt Stirling Olives mainly produced a range of tapenades and pickled olives.

The range has now expanded to include rich and fruity extra virgin cold pressed olive oils.  This also includes oils infused with the natural flavours of truffle, lemon myrtle, bush lime, garlic and chili. The olive range has also grown with Spanish Manzanillos spiced with herbs, chilli and garlic, Greek Kalamatas, Salted and Sundried Olives, Kalamatas in Rasberry Vinegar, Jumbo Kalamatas, Green Turkish Style Olives.

Mt Stirling Olive Farm also boasts an extensive and well priced gift shop full of exotic olive soaps, hand and face creams, body washes and beautifully perfumed soaps from around the world.  Gifts of china ware pertaining to all things olives.

Mt Sterling Olives
200 Collins Road
Glen Aplin
QLD 4381