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Lawdogs Australia

Not just for Dog Lovers, Lawdogs Australia is Australia's first privately owned specialist dog training kennel that is open to the public to see puppies and adult dogs going through their law enforcement training and doing demonstrations of protection, detection and agility in a live sit-down show.

Visitors can get up close and personal while seated behind a safety fence and be captivated as they see the dogs barking on command, developing their bite skills, training for future arrest scenarios, controlling suspects, finding hidden scent and working around agility equipment.

See the dogs, hear their stories, share the training journey. It’s an hour of education, excitement and entertainment you will never forget !!

Please note we are a private company and do not receive funding from any source other than visitor entry and dog sales.  We do run on volunteers and employ local staff.

We accept walk ins on the day or you can BOOK TICKETS HERE.  Booking a ticket reserves a seat for you and your group at that session. 

reserves a seat for you and your group at that session. 

The premier tourist attraction in Stanthorpe is the Truffle Discovery Centre Stanthorpe located at Lawdogs Australia.   The rare and highly valuable French Black Perigord Truffle is often heard of in culinary circles but in commercial farming areas suddenly becomes very secretive due to security and bio-security reasons.

The Truffle Discovery Centre unearths all that is truffles with guided tours, information, products and tastings, gourmet product range, interactive exhibits and Australias only all-year-round truffle dog hunt.

Lawdogs Australia
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